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A loud cheer goes to our volunteers who helped brighten up Whistler with bouquets of yellow: Ken Roberts, Shelley Neilly, Shannon Wild, Brenda Quance, Mona Patel, Alex Cripps and family, Craig Berry, Kristen Robinson, Craig and Rae McDonald, Maureen Daschuk, Devon Brusse, Shannon Byrne, Don & Kathy MacAlister, Gay Clure, Elaine Patterson, Lisa Winter, Valerie Haines, Anne Spence, Lara Bozabalian, Stella Harvey, Lisa Farnes, Debbie Yates, Brenda Norrie, Lisa Davis, Angela Moore & Matt, Joe Filler and Cheryl Massey.

A special thanks is due to Heather Clifford, Shelley Campbell and those fun-loving realtors from Whistler Real Estate. They "petaled" so many flowers at Marketplace on Saturday that we almost didn’t have any left for Sunday! What a great, generous group of people!

A hearty thank you also goes to our local grocery store owners, who encouraged us to set up outside their stores; including Bruce at Nesters, Jim at Marketplace IGA, Rob at The Grocery Store and Gerry at the Creekside Market.

Many businesses wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of the campaign by purchasing large quantities for their offices and helping with distribution, including: Coast Mountain Photography, Intrawest, Mountain Paint supply, Mountainside Lodge, Resort Quest Whistler, Whiski Jack Resorts Ltd, Whistler Health Care Centre, Whistler Irrigation Services Ltd., Whistler’s Foto Source, The Love Nest, Destination Planners, Lodging Ovations, Whistler Chiropractor, Creekside Market, Resort TV, Paradata, TD Canada Trust & Royal Bank. Thank you too Bob Andrea and Catherine Guerin at the RMOW.

May we all be blessed with daffodils and bright sunshine everyday!

Thank you Whistler!

Jacki Bissillion &

Rebecca Wood Barrett,

Resort TV Network

on Behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society


The Fire & Ice Show wish to commend Ralph Forsyth for an excellent show every Sunday. To find such entertaining jumpers and fire twirlers and to co-ordinate all the behind-the-scenes people requires a special talent.

Great fireworks too, Ralph!

A special thanks also to our wonderful sponsors.

Ron Hammer

For the Mountain Hosts