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I miss his hugs, his phone calls, his beautiful blue eyes and his smile which was infectious. I miss not being able to care for him and help him in ways that made him feel happy, supported and loved, and made me feel of value.

Dying is an inevitable part of living and often does not follow any logical order. The loved ones left behind in this physical world often experience an incomprehensible amount and degree of pain, plus the fear of continuing their life without the loved one who has crossed over. The suffering is outrageous and feels like it will never end, but in time we will also see this as another stage in our lives. We will learn to cope and eventually adapt but never forget.

I know that when our time is up, Scott will be there to help us adjust as we cross over and I expect that if there is an answer to our question of "why?", we will know it then.

Thank you Scott for continuing to keep in touch with us, and thanks for all the rainbows.

Carol Brown

Oshawa, Ont.


Re: Whistler highway

This is to all who drive the Whistler highway at night.

Why do so many cars wait until they come around the corner to dim their high beams? Don't they realize that by blinding oncoming traffic they put everyone's life at risk? You can see by lights shining on the curves that a car is coming, so why not save your own life, and dim your lights before you shine them into the other driver's eyes from point blank range.

James Higgins.