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Michael Hunt



Several interesting points were made at the March 9 th Pemberton Council public meeting regarding a BC Rail rezoning application.

1. The community plan strategy calls for future building above the flood plain. So why rezone in the valley when new lots are now available on higher ground?

2. Those that live in the area had concerns over parking problems and increased traffic.

3. The residents don't see a single benefit in the proposal and council does not appear to see any either. It was amazing, even shocking, when council was unable to outline any benefits of the proposal. They simply deferred to BC Rail.

But in the end, I found the most persuasive and disturbing point was that the current zoning was reached as a compromise between residents and BC Rail a few years ago. The compromise was to allow for one single family home on the parcel of land. The compromise did not suggest that a few years later BC Rail would request rezoning for 13 homes.

It is only respectful that Council honour the past agreement. Frankly, I'm amazed that the process has gone as far as a public meeting. I hope council sees the moral obligation they are under to respect previous decisions.

Tricia Field



I can’t take my child back to when he was little or when he was a baby. That stage and time have past and there is no going back. But, I can enjoy the memories and the moments he spent with us.

I can’t take my boy back to the time before his accident that stopped his body from living. That time, like his childhood has past and was never in my ability to control. But, I can appreciate his strong and loving spirit and be thankful that he still makes the effort to keep in touch with the people who love him and miss him so much.

We had time gaps apart when he first went to school. The time gaps increased when he got involved with sports and more friends. When he went to college our time apart increased even more, and when he decided to move to British Columbia, he was physically unreachable without a long flight and long drive. But through it all he kept in touch and did a lot to show his great love for us. Scotty said, "We have a bond that will never be broken", and I believe him.