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Learn from this and stop further development and finally knock this totally out of proportion hotel at Nita Lake on the head and get it back to green space for the Creekside.

Elizabeth Shaw

Whistler/West Vancouver


Firstly I would like to say thank you to Alison Taylor for her very factual and profession articles on the Nita Lake Decision.

Secondly I would like to say how sad that the head of our Chamber of Commerce seems to think that a process that was both flawed and illegal is a gold standard as far as how municipal business should be done – just another face of the arrogance that has engulfed this town and its law makers.

Mr. Lambert and his legal team told both the RMOW and the developer that this was illegal, twice, and yet because they had done it before with the Emerald Forest Deal and got away with it, did they think they were above the law?

Surely we should be grateful that we have found out sooner rather than later that this way of doing business is illegal.

Now, sadly, we have to pay the bills, which might even be greater if Mr. Haibeck decides to sue the RMOW for their incompetence.

From my point of view Mr. Lambert has done this community a great service, watching as I have over the five years I have been here, the rampant development that has gone unchecked. It has changed Whistler from a beautiful wilderness resort with plenty of green space that I visited 10 years ago, to a concrete jungle that it would appear less and less people want to visit.

The last two years have seen visitor numbers continue to fall, hotel occupancy continue to fall and the real estate market, in the $2 million and above range, is stone dead.

In the light of all this should the RMOW be doing any more building, let alone more hotels and high-end homes? And as for the train station – it is not dead – as I am sure whoever wins the contract to run rail tours to Whistler will be able to build a station, and hopefully in a better location such as Mons.

Susie Goodall



After reading the court’s ruling against the development of the Nita Lake Lodge and the bylaws passed by the RMOW, the following three questions are foremost on my mind:

  1. Will the RMOW, in future, retain the law firm that helped draft the bylaws?
  2. Which party will pay for all costs incurred – the law firm or the Whistler taxpayer?
  3. Will the Whistler council finally review its administration as was proposed by Councillor Wells?