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I am writing on behalf of the board of trustees for the Whistler Public Library to express our appreciation for the decision that council made last week to endorse the direction taken by RMOW staff with regards to the new community facility which will include space for the library.

We are fully aware of the financial considerations that council had to address in taking this step to move forward and we applaud the recognition that a new library facility needs to be provided for the community and for the many visitors to the resort who use the library in ever increasing numbers. We are also appreciative that the current site will remain the location of the new library. The board has endorsed this site as its central location in the village is convenient for the full range of library patrons.

We have been increasingly concerned that the longer the decision took to move forward, the cost of the new building was escalating so that the community would be receiving less and less of a facility the longer we waited. We have also been worried that the library project would be competing with the development of Olympic infrastructure requirements. Please be assured that the board will continue to fund raise in order to contribute to the enhancements that will make this facility special for Whistler.

We are so pleased that it looks possible that construction could start in the spring of 2005 with an opening date in 2006. Again, please accept our thanks for the decision to move forward.

Anne Fenwick


Whistler Public Library


Well here it is; another comment on the sale of BC Rail and the upgrading of Highway 99. Although my written words (not the ones read here) have sent me lower then ever before, cost me my job and damaged others, for which I am truly sorry, I must make another comment that will get me tossed from house and home, keep me in the unemployment lineup and ensure my financial persecution to the point, that for many years to come every time I walk outside I will expect a giant Visa card to fall from the sky and squash me. Here we go.

Apparently the proceeds from the sale of BC Rail are going to be used to pay for the upgrading of our highway. Please inform me, when BC Rail is purchased, will CN make out a cheque directly to Intrawest or will it just be an electronic transfer within the Bank of Montreal?

Maybe I shall move to Victoria. I hear that due to the warm winters, it’s the best place in Canada for those forced to live in a cardboard box.

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