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God bless you all for giving so much!

Mark, Kathy, Rachel, and, Hannah Leverton



Re: the World Freestyle Snowmobile and Motocross Competition that was to take place April 23 rd , 2004 at the Pemberton Stock Car track

Last year's event, the third annual, was a huge success, with 1,200 spectators and all sponsors, pro freestyle athlete Jason Fentiman winning first place in the freestyle snowmobiling category, starting things off with the national anthem singer, pyrotechnics, a native dance song to remember all our lost friends in the backcountry, choreography by Whistler Dance Academy and the main attraction: death defying freestyle motorcross air by pro international athletes from Kawasaki that stunned spectators.

Putting the event together each year was a tremendous amount of work I but enjoyed every minute of it. I feel this motor sport event is completely in order as there are a huge number of motor sport fanatics in Whistler and no events. The events have gained tremendous support through the years, which was needed to have the event take place.

This year I had to make the tough decision of whether or not to pursue the fourth annual event. There have been many opportunities arise through this event and being the main character for Whistler Stories. I have found a passion for night club promotions, independently booking different theme parties that are huge successes. I have found a huge passion for assistant directing, taking acting classes, dance, commentating, singing and the Whistler Film Festival. My plans are to move to the city in the spring to pursue these passions. Vancouver has opportunities while Whistler does not have enough work in the film industry, other than sports action films.

The event is not dead. WFSA is simply reassessing dates and in discussions with the Pemberton Stock Car Association. Future plans are to hold a snowmobile race in the winter with a freestyle snowmobiling show, as April is too late in the season to hold such an event. Summer plans include a freestyle motocross event with entertainment, with permission from the track opertors.

Moving to the city will enable me to gain more contacts in the industry for these events and to do mega promotions, as well as pursue my career in film. WFSA will be making a comeback!