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Bjorn Gimse



Once again the powers to be have chosen the cover of Architectural Digest over functionality: $7.5 million for a library. Locating the library near some existing above-ground parking would immediately save $1.6 million. The profits from the sales of the existing library site could be applied against the cost.

When considering the actual building costs, compare the Spring Creek school with the very functional Pemberton public school. I would choose the latter as a taxpayer or if a parent – more funding for educational needs. Like the Spring Creek firehall (approx cost near $2 million) the library will be built too extreme. The question is, how much over budget will it be?

Jim Kennedy



To the people of Whistler and surrounding areas, my name is Ben Richardson and I would like to thank everyone who voted me Favourite Whistlerite of 2003 (Pique Best of Whistler, Dec. 26, 2003). I live in Squamish so this was very unexpected.

Again I would like to thank you from the top of my heart and wish you all a fantastic 2004 and years to come.

My condolences to the families and friends of Jamie Burnette, Ed Elliot, Daryl Stevensen and Mike Beniot, who were sadly taken away at the Rutherford bridge last year.

And finally to Whistler’s top civil servant, Mayor Hugh O'Reilly: "sorry" but better luck next year!

See you all out there, somewhere. Keep smiling and drive safely.

Ben Richardson (TCP at Lake Placid Road)



Thanks, thanks, and, more thanks.

Wow, what a great community Pemberton is to live, work, and raise our children. Our family participated in, and, thoroughly enjoyed, two hugely successful annual events over the past weekend.

Many, many thanks to the organizers and volunteers of Saturday’s Caribbean Night. It just gets better every year. The amount of wholesome, fun, activities; watching kids and parents having such a good time together; the laughter; it was absolutely wonderful! Our kids have already asked about buying a hoola-hoop to start practising for next year.

Sunday, another successful Pemberton Spud Valley Loppet, with people of all ages, competitors and recreational skiers, parents and their kids, all enjoying a morning of cross-country skiing in our beautiful valley. Again, lots of smiles, red cheeks, good food, and, healthy fun! Thanks to those who put it all together and those who volunteered to make it happen.