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In fact, only two out of 45 residents saw any merits in the rezoning, everyone else was firmly against it.

Now the pressure appears to be on Pemberton council. Do they listen to Vancouver-based project consultants that are there only for as long as it takes to sell the land… or do they listen to their own residents?

Should it be a difficult decision?

Beth Solem



BC Rail, BC Rail, BC Rail. Like the crush I have upon a girl, this is something that just won’t go away.

I stopped the last passenger train, from Prince George to Vancouver, approximately 17 months ago. To estimate its arrival, I used an old passenger schedule. You see in 1971, the Budd car was supposed to arrive approximately 50 metres from where I live on Alta Lake at 6:53 p.m. On Halloween 2002, it arrived at about 10:15 p.m. Being its last night and all it was taking its time on its final trip. It was running three hours late from its scheduled arrival time of 7:10 p.m. That is a 17-minute schedule change in 30 years.

Also, due to the rate class system, fares were significantly higher within the transportation bottleneck know as the Sea to Sky corridor then everywhere else. Paul McElligot, X-CEO of BCR writes in the Feb 27 th 2004 issue of the Pique: "we attempted to revitalize the passenger service in a number of ways and spent significant resources on equipment and marketing plans to ensure we gave it every opportunity to succeed."

During the ’90s our railway slowly went bankrupt and now it is to be sold. Our gross from the sale will be $500 million, not even the cost of our highway upgrade.

And now we have the RCMP raiding the legislature to try and penetrate the cloak of secrecy surrounding the deal between CN Rail and the provincial Liberal government.

In 2002, suffering from an incredible debt, BC Rail still posted a profit, while supplying $5 million annually to operate a public passenger service. I would sure feel better about this whole deal if I knew that CN Rail was going to do the same.

This entire corridor is going to rapidly expand over the next 20 years. Whistler is the only community in the Sea to Sky with a bad joke, I mean bed cap. With such a massive projected population increase, it is necessary that we use every available form of transportation to sustain this development. From what I have heard, in Norway is the only other highway in the world that runs along the inside of a fjord. I wish people would stop applying the logic of Texas to our transportation problem.