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With $313 million slated for construction of Olympic facilities in Whistler alone, I would think that the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games would be carefully screening the bids for construction contracts that practice 100 per cent sustainability. Real sustainability, not just lip service.

Karen Jettmar



As usual, I enjoyed Maxwell's column (Feb. 27, 2004, Me and Dubya and Vietnam) wherein he describes his Vietnam era adventures. Where we part company is in the last lines of the second to the last paragraph, wherein Max states "Frankly, staying the hell out of Vietnam is one of the smartest things Bush ever did."

President Bush and I shared, at approximately the same time, a similar experience, that of Air Force Pilot Training. His successful conclusion insured his continued participation as an airborne defender of America's soft underbelly, and mine, continued participation in the ongoing struggle to defend our freedoms in far off foreign lands.

How I wish our experiences were similar! Had the future President Bush been by my side in Vietnam he would have learned first hand the poverty of people powerless to do little to change their life experiences. He would have learned first hand the terror of living with the unexpected and learned the very limitations of military power poorly or not poorly applied. He would have learned that overwhelming military superiority does little to win hearts and minds and the difficulty of selling democracy to people that had no lifetime perception of the freedoms of choice for their own lifetimes were limited to subsistence living and a world view that consisted of a trip to the nearby village for a visit to the open air market.

I can't speak for George, but for myself this experience did change my world view. And while it is true President Kennedy sent us there, I've not had much in common with Republicans since the divining experience Vietnam became. I wish George had gone! He would probably be a better President! Maybe even a Democrat.

Geoffrey C. Kelly

Seattle, Wa.


A public meeting was held in Pemberton on March 9th regarding a rezoning application requested by BC Rail. It was painfully clear that the residents did not want the rezoning – a proposal that would allow 13 homes to be built on a parcel that is currently zoned for one single family residence.