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We have always felt safe staying in Whistler and we will in the future, but we will now take a few extra precautions. Were just asking you to somehow warn others.

Please, just mention our story so the next guy will have to chance to save his stuff, as we did not.

Kelli Motta

Seattle, Washington


During my Christmas visit to Whistler I had a bad experience turned to good.

While skiing, I took a spill over an embankment, landing hard on my back. My ribs took unkindly to the impact and immediately tightened into knots. Days later my entire torso was still in painful spasm to the point that I could hardly walk. A friend (a local) recommended inspection by the fine people at Peak Performance Physical Therapy.

I visited their clinic and was very impressed. It’s so clean. And the magazine collection is disproportionately post-millennium.

I hasten to add that the therapy was also noteworthy. Over several days three specialists employed technology, hands, elbows and humour, to ease the spasms (though I’m still a spaz), realign shifted ribs and relax seized vertebrae. Their knowledge and care salvaged my Whistler vacation. Four days after beginning treatment I was back on the mountain skiing under caution.

During my series of brief visits there were many other creaking tin men (and women) in various states of repair seeking the wizards’ magic. Everyone’s remedy seemed to involved a blend of professional skill, personal compassion and entertaining banter. I suspect some of their regular patients fake ailments just to hang about in the clinic’s comforting energy. If I were a local, I too might walk the fine line between chronic affliction and stalking.

I wouldn’t have found the care needed without local knowledge. Hopefully there’s a spot in your publication to express appreciation for my effective care and inform other visitors of the exceptional physio and massage therapy available at Peak Performance.


Scott Graham

Mississauga, Ont.


The first annual Scotty Brown Memorial Golf Tournament was held on Sept. 26, 2003 at the Pemberton Valley Golf Course. Combined efforts from the tournament organizers, the personal and corporate generosity in the Whistler/Pemberton area, and the fun-loving nature of all those who participated, made the day an overwhelming success. The tournament was full with 144 people taking part, and over 200 showing up for the after-party at Scott’s home. Approximately $2,800 was raised for local charities.

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