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Now having said all of the above, I may have stuck my foot in my mouth. I have not been privy to any of the discussions that have taken place amongst the First Nations leaders and our municipality, and it may be that they considered similar options but still believed that the best option was to have the centre in Whistler. If that is the case, I will shut up and be happy with the result.

However, I also take some issue with the proposed design of the building as it was pictured in your magazine. Not only do I think the building is an eye-sore, which does not bother me much, but I see it takes up a large amount of ground that could easily be remedied by making the building a two storey building. We need to decrease our ecological footprint in Whistler by building more compact and this cultural centre does not do this. Also, the building could look a lot more "Native" in nature were it designed say after a long house with a peaked roof.

Most of my comments of course come too late to change anything, but after reading last week’s article I just had to say something. Though the next comment goes against everything I have said above, one of the most positive things about having the cultural centre in Whistler is that our neighbours will not have to deal with some of the negative aspects of inviting tourists into your town which I have experienced first hand.

Sara Jennings



During our stay in Whistler Creekside last week we had our three-place trailer and two sleds stolen. We are just devastated as we have no insurance and are out about $20,000. We hope to work hard, replace our loss and someday return to Whistler, as we truly love it here!

We are certain our property is long gone. But, during our ordeal we found out some appalling information about this area. We found out that snowmobile theft has become a serious issue. It seems everyone we spoke to, law, plow drivers, retailers and locals, told us this is a huge problem in the area.

Well, if just one of these people had said to us, "be careful" we would have done 10 things different to prevent this. Although we did have a lock on our trailer it never slowed the thieves down. We only wish someone had given us a warning. We are not blind to the world, which is exactly why we had a lock, but in 15 years of sledding we have never known of anyone to be robbed in this manner. Apparently this sort of thing is becoming common in the area.

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