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3. Transit: Although I'm aware that the RMOW and WAVE are undergoing a test project to promote transit use among staff by reducing bus fares, focus also needs to be put on potentially adding incentives (or disincentives) to promote carpooling to the day lots. If there's no cost associated with being a single occupant in a vehicle, then why spend any money to take the bus? What if WAVE and the RMOW began sponsoring "cool" athletes like Rob Boyd and Richie Schley to take the bus? This might encourage others to take public transit and perhaps change perceptions about the dependence we have on our cars.

4. Composting: Carney's, in conjunction with the SLRD and member municipalities, has embarked on an exciting (and risky) centralized composting project in Squamish. Following the lead of the Chateau Whistler, I hope the RMOW can spur other hotels and businesses in town to join in and contribute organic waste as feed for the facility, ensuring its success.

5. Waste Management: Why do households and businesses in the Sea to Sky corridor not recycle? Perhaps out of laziness or inconvenience, but whatever the reason, this simple process needs to be undertaken by all in order for us to reduce the burden on local landfills. I believe the solution for these folks is to create a further incentive to reduce waste: charge for garbage. Have both transfer stations in Whistler overseen by an attendant who would ensure that people pay $1 or $2 per small bag of garbage, with no charge for recyclables. Surely this would help improve the situation.

A final thought:

After hearing an incredible speaker last night talking about socially and environmentally responsible consumerism and investing, I realized that she (and many other environmental speakers that have been heard in Whistler) was likely speaking to the converted. The people that need to hear these speakers are the ones who leave store doors open in the winter, drive alone in SUVs, and throw their bottles, cans and papers in the trash. I would encourage anyone and everyone to come out and hear the next two speakers in the Sustainability Speaker Series on Feb. 18th and March 18th at the conference centre.

Let's see some more direct action towards the environment from the Whistler community!

Lance Nelson