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Painting a Future for Whistler

The CSP and five futures have sparked some creativity amongst Whistler’s populace and stakeholders. The 800 letters received by municipal planners and numerous letters to the editor in recent weeks are evidence of this desire to share ideas. These desires are a result of a phenomenon called by some learning strategists as "creative tension".

Creative tension is the tension created from the gap between an envisaged future state and the status quo, based as usual, or current state. The current state and status quo is today and the five futures; the new ideas and CSP response, on the other hand, are a desired future.

The fact that Whistlerites are not completely happy with any of the five scenarios is natural, we quite often strive for perfection and we are good critics. Judging by all the ideas and critiques, it seems as though we Whistlerites want to have our cake and it too.

Is it possible? Can we manage to contain our footprint in the current village valley? Can we build shoulder season business? Can we ward off increases of green house gasses? Can we assimilate the second homeowners that want to move to their homes in Whistler? Can we maintain a strong economy and perhaps grow a non material or land based economy? Can we encapsulate the Callaghan for future use? Can at least 75 per cent of employees live in the Whistler Valley? Can we do all of these things at once?

Many don’t think we can, and maybe I’m crazy but I think it is possible. If there is a deep enough desire we can move mountains. It may take a shift in mind sets and technology, but it is possible.

The results of some of the CSP feedback and letters to the editor are evidence of creative forces trying to put together the pieces of a future that meet all Whistler Success Criteria within the constraints for sustainability. Just because we were supplied with five pre-designed scenarios doesn’t mean they are perfect. Like a painter freed to create by the four constraints of a blank canvas, I encourage those who believe in the success criteria and sustainability criteria to continue to create wondrous ideas for our future within these constraints.

And please, regardless of the feedback deadline of Nov. 24 from the RMOW, continue to share your creations. Paint away!

Merry Christmas!

Dan Wilson


I am writing in response to the letter written by Ryan Rive in the Dec. 5th edition of the Pique Newsmagazine. Ryan, I could not agree with you more. The actions of the hockey players involved is really bad. My partner and I have young children in the community too and I know that if our children had been exposed to the same situation as you, we would feel the exact same way.

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