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I wonder about the cost of starting a new development from scratch: waste water treatment, bus service, snow clearing, power, lights, schools, churches and community groups. Are we to build all of these? I think it would be infinitely more practical to add to existing infrastructure. I think our sense of community would be fostered by using facilities already in place.

I have lived and worked in Whistler for the last five years and I am planning a future here. I can make these plans because of the Whistler Housing Authority and employee-restricted housing. I hope to see more of it, in the right places, in the existing community. The workers represent the future of this community, please don’t push us out.

Rob Miller


Re: Whistler. It’s Our Future

While I have duly filled out my questionnaire via the Internet on the five futures outlined in your document Create Whistler’s Future I would like to make just a few comments regarding the planning of our future.

A. Bed Cap

As many of you know, I was here to see the inauguration of the very first council in 1975 and participated in planning of the total valley at that time, for the then absolute maximum of 40,000 bed units. The goal posts were moved by dilution of the meaning of a bed unit first, and then later the cap reset at 45,000 to accommodate the Chateau Whistler and Nicklaus North Golf courses. The goal posts were moved yet again to 52,500 for community benefits which I can’t quite remember, and now there is a new number of 55,500. Past councils have raised the bed unit cap by 39 per cent and even further by diluting (or in fact increasing) the value of a bed unit by allowing more built space per bed unit. We think there’s about 1.3 pillows for every bed unit which means that with muni hall re-jigging the numbers, we’re probably approved in the order of 72,000 pillows valley-wide.

Rather than go through this really expensive and time- and energy-consuming process every five years, I would suggest that we simply create more bed units every year equal to 1 per cent of the existing stock. We have long used bed units as a "currency" in Whistler, but the trouble is that certain councils have increased the bed cap in large leaps and bounds. The futures listed in the workbook show that somehow we are already married to a 16 per cent increase to 55,500 and it shows four scenarios ranging from a 29 to 31 per cent increase.

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