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I want to send a big thank you to everyone in Whistler. It is never a good time to lose a loved one but I can honestly say I am grateful I was in Whistler.

I received so much support and care from everyone I came into contact with, including many people I didn’t even know. Everyone went that extra mile to make sure that anything I needed was taken care of.

To the people who flew my mum up to Whistler, to the emergency services who worked around the clock, to those who set up and donated to the Rutherford Bridge fund and everyone else who helped me out, I thank you.

Daryl’s service was held in Perth last Friday. It was a celebration of his life with an overwhelming number of people there and a lot of funny and touching stories about Daryl were told.

We then took him to a beautiful island off the coast of Perth called Rottnest and spread his ashes in the sea, where his mother was also placed several years earlier. I’m glad she will be there to look after him.

My thoughts are constantly with Mike’s family and friends and also with all the family and friends of Jamie and Ed. They will never be forgotten.

I will always look back on my time in Whistler fondly and hope that one day I might return to the place where Daryl and I spent our last year together.

With all my thanks,

Anita Denvir


Councillor Well's recommendation and motion for approval of an external operational review of municipal hall is an excellent idea. I highly endorse the suggestion, and commend her leadership, foresight, and compelling logic for such a review. Given the dynamic changes and growth by Whistler since the last external review in 1996, and the immediate challenges that Whistler is facing and will face over the next few years, such a review with practical recommendations is critical.

I sincerely hope that council supports such a motion for an organizational/operational review. It will be money very well spent. It will ultimately make the bureaucracy more efficient and accountable in the years ahead. The community and Whistler in general, will be the better for it.

One suggestion I would make to council, is that the terms of reference include the opportunity for the public to give written input to the consultants within a certain timeframe. There are many insights and observations that the public could contribute that would be constructive and beneficial to the overall review process.

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