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To all the good friends I have known and just met, thank you for the good times so far and I love you all.

Julie T.



Tenants at risk

If you rent a ground floor suite within a Pemberton home you could be at risk! Due to being situated in a flood plane many (not all) Pemberton houses have ground floors that are not supposed to be inhabited. To check if your suite is legal and safe from the threat of rising water visit the village office and ask.

Authorities should be encouraged to crack down on these illegal suites to safeguard the tenants of Pemberton. Buyers should beware of properties that do not qualify for flood insurance.

I support the spending of public money to help legitimate flood victims. I do not support public money given to landlords so they can re-establish their dangerous little mortgage helpers.

Julie Wilson



Having read the Oct 31 issue of the Pique Newsmagazine (Letters: Kids need a proper seat), I feel it is necessary to write to advise you that Whistler's taxi companies are not required by Motor Carrier Commission regulation to provide infant car seats for local transfers. We do provide a small selection of infant carriers for our customers travelling to Vancouver. Local transit does not even provide a seat-belt for their customers.

It is neither reasonable nor practical for us to offer this service for local transfer, given the amount of luggage, skis and groceries we commonly carry. We do have one winter-season vehicle that has a built-in child seat, and we do make every attempt to accommodate our local customers, if the car is available at the time of the call. This winter car was not in service at the time Ms. Lee called for the taxi, and she was told at the time of the call that we do not provide car seats for local transfers. We suggested that she bring her own car seat.

Eric Larsen

General Manager

Whistler Taxi Ltd.


On Oct. 6th Lillooet District Council passed a motion put forward by Councillor John Courchesne under ‘Any Other Business’ "to forward a letter to the Honourable Stan Hagen, Minister of Sustainable Resource Management and MLA Ralph Sultan expressing the District of Lillooet’s support for mining exploration in the Lillooet TSA and more specifically, the South Chilcotin Park". The motion was seconded and passed by the four councillors present.