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Letters to the editor


I want to make a clarification regarding remarks I made about the flooding and the dredging of certain creeks.

To begin with I never made any connection between the tragic loss of four lives at Rutherford Creek and DFO’s refusal to approve dredging in the Pemberton Valley Dyking District. When I said DFO put fish ahead of lives I was referring to how the flooding might have caused less damage if DFO had approved dredging as had been requested.

And I was definitely not blaming civil servants; I was putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who are to blame, the Cabinet Ministers in charge. When I was a Minister in government, I always shouldered the blame and in opposition my aim is always to make a clear distinction between those who give the orders and those who carry them out.

DFO employees are not to be maligned for the wilful neglect and indifference of the Cabinet Ministers to whom they report.

John Reynolds, MP

West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast

I have been overwhelmed and amazed in the last week at the resilience, strength and kind-heartedness of the people in this corridor. Just when I think whistler is losing its small town feel; just when I think it might be time to move on, tragedy strikes and, yet again, I am reminded of how the people in this area so freely open their hearts and wallets when it’s needed the most.

Our friends were missing and we were gathering each day on Citta’s patio trying to figure out a way to help. We were told that it was too risky to aid in the search, and we couldn’t get to Squamish or Pemberton to even fill sandbags. We were frustrated. Through that frustration grew the idea to fundraise. Volunteers sprouted up from all directions and the next thing I knew we were pounding the pavement asking for donations.

Sure we expected some support, but we did not expect generosity of this magnitude! We were, and continue to be, absolutely "blown away!" Thank you to everyone who donated, to everyone who made bids, to everyone who participated in the raffle and in the Casino Night, and to all of you who showed up at Moe Joe’s on Friday night.

I would like to personally thank Dave Wellensky, a real hero, for planting the seed in all of us. I would also like to thank the following people for putting ideas into action: Tannis Ryan, Matt Steele, KJ Johnson, Pete Morry, Jeff Morgan, Julie Tanas, Kenny Shook, Katie Norton, Little John, Mikey G., Angie Aiken, Alicia Brooksbank, "Raffle King" Ryan, Caroline Budgell, WDC, Ryan Pepper, Carrie Hunter, Sarah Moodie, Traci Despatis, Tara Revitt, Micah, Jodi Hallett, Jaclyn Allison, Deanne, Citta’s and Crab Shack staff, and our support crew: Johnny Comedy, Q, Nolan. I’m sorry to anyone I might have forgotten.