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Last Thursday saw one of the most enjoyable and rewarding of all this summer’s WORCA Loonie races. The relay-format race around the Lost Lake trails, requiring a mix of adults and kids on each team, was hosted by STORMBC and anyone who was not there missed something pretty special.

For various reasons including the last-minute defection of a sponsor, the race set-up required some 11th hour scrambling, and some serious thank-you’s are in order for all who stepped in to help make it happen!

Thanks to Keith Bennett and the RMOW, we had a perfect venue on a beautiful evening at the Spruce Grove Fieldhouse. STORMBC coach Terry Evans and his team of parent volunteers laid out and marshalled a very fun course that gave the adults a good ride but was manageable by the younger riders. What’s a Loonie race without food and drink? Thank you to Uschi Scherer for asking, what can I do? And then doing it. Thanks to John Lee, Nesters, and burger-flipper extraordinaire Adam Protter the burgers and dogs were vacuumed up by those hungry racers, and as for bevies there would have been none but for knights-in-shining-armour Chris Quinlan from Behind the Grind, the good folks at Paradata and Ron at Hoz’s, all of whom responded to our cries for help with great generosity.

Local supermoms Martha Heintzman, Brenda Baker and Linda McGaw did some high-speed running around to procure various items, and thanks to the kindness and generosity of numerous local businesses every single child at that race went home with a prize.

If anyone in Whistler ever becomes jaded with mountain biking, or even if they forget why we all live here in the first place, I highly recommend coming out to next year’s STORMBC WORCA Loonie race. Watching those kids’ faces as they put heart and soul into the race, as they cheered on their teams (and other teams as well!) and as they greeted even the smallest prize with pleasure, was refreshment to the spirit. We just saw the future of mountain biking in Whistler, and guess what? It looked great.

C. Jewett


The somewhat scathing rant by Mitch Rhodes in last week’s Pique was to say the least, a bit of a shocker. Was it anger, jealousy or Mr. Rhodes’ need to be in the public spotlight that got him so fired up at Mr Lambert? I do not know.

What I do know is that the staff at the Whistler Medical Clinic have been able to do amazing work over the last 20 years or so even though they may not have had the latest and greatest technology available.

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