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The other side of ‘Playing by the rules’

The feature article in last week’s edition about the bars and clubs in Whistler seemed more of a finger pointing exercise than an objective look into what is going on in the bar industry. As an employee of a local club, not mentioned in the article, I was left at the end of the article wondering, "well what was the point of all that; were is the direction?

The headline was "Playing by the rules". I agree that some of the rules and the enforcement of them have leaned towards obscure. However, against what we, the bar industry, might want they aren’t going to change any time soon. Rather than throwing our collective arms up and saying "this is ridiculous" we should all educate people on the rules. Most people don’t know that a second form of ID can be a credit card or debit card so long as it has your name and signature on it. And clubs should be saying "this is the way it is". It’s more consistent to all the clientele of Whistler clubs if we are putting on the same front.

Without doubt there does need to be a higher level of co-operation and tolerance between the RCMP and the bars. I will agree that some, primarily the RCMP brought up from other areas to patrol the village on the weekend, are harsh and, at times, rude in the enforcement of regulations. However, the RCMP are people. They are people doing a job and like any employee there are good ones and bad ones, they have good days and bad days. They are enforcing rules that we, society, wanted. They themselves may or may not agree with the rules they are enforcing but it is their job to do so and to hold the RCMP to a lesser standard is plainly disrespectful.

Violence in the village isn’t something new. It goes on daily and has for years. This year, as far as I can tell, has been quite tame for village violence. There have been some very eye-opening incidents, which happen every year. Let’s be honest, isolated violence in the village doesn’t, in any way, equal clubs being violent. The bars and clubs do a very good job at screening clientele to keep the "trouble" out and in the event of something happening they are very good at containing, controlling and defusing the situation.

Violence in the village isn’t because of bars and clubs, it isn’t because of hotels allowing people to drink in their rooms and pace around the hotel. Violence in the village exists for the same reasons violence exists in every city and town. It’s caused by people who are, excuse me but, too stupid and irresponsible to know better! Simple as that.