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Letters to the editor


I am writing to say that contrary to your article two weeks ago and subsequent letters on the matter, I think it is a very good thing that the Whistler Health Care Centre did not get the $1 million donation from the Nita Lake Lodge Corporation, as it would have set a very dangerous precedent.

It is the provincial government’s constitutional and moral duty to provide the health care we require and accepting donations of this size would encourage them to shirk this responsibility.

Not only do we as Canadian citizens pay huge taxes to fund our health care but the clinic in Whistler provides enormous revenue, especially during the winter. Might I suggest that the writers of the article and letters re-direct their rhetoric to the provincial government, if they so desperately need this apparently essential piece of equipment, rather than use it as a political guilt trip.

My husband and I used to visit Whistler on a regular basis, loving the genuine outdoor wilderness experience. Sadly due to the increase in traffic, unrelenting urban sprawl and Disneyfication we no longer care to do so, preferring to find more genuine eco- and environmentally-friendly places who truly care about protecting the surrounding green space.

Perhaps if someone like Mr. Lambert had been around 10 years ago Whistler would be a greener and better place.

E. Shaw

West Vancouver


Since the last provincial election the local papers have been filled with news of Independent Power Projects. While I have not attended any information sessions on these IPPs, I have been receiving information on them. A while back I was given a list of creeks that had proposed IPPs in the Sea to Sky corridor. I don't think any were missed.

I am actually surprised no one has tried to suck the money from the rain gutters on the house I reside in. Of course we would need some precipitation to make that venture economically viable.

I liken the term "green energy" to "light cigarettes". Currently lawyers are making a lot of money from the phrase "light cigarettes". Everyone knows that creating electricity from large rivers causes large amounts of environmental damage. Doesn't anyone stop to think what the combined environmental impact of messing with all the small ones is?

Bjorn Gimse



Parts of Eastern Canada and the U.S. are hit by rolling black outs. Europe and Western Canada experience record high temperatures and droughts. People die in France from the heat. England has the hottest, driest summer since weather was first recorded 300 years ago. Forest fires rage out of control across parts of Europe and Western Canada. Vancouver's reservoir reaches perilously low levels and threatens to run dry if rain does not come in the next few months. Meantime Las Vegas has flash floods.