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It is truly a laugh when I read articles in your magazine like "Access Challenge is for true survivors" (Pique Aug. 8, 2003) by some Alice in Wonderland type who is some sort of expert on Whistler and how accessible Whistler is for disabled people. Myself being more active than the average local, a baby-sitting style format where able-bodied people carry disabled people around is not a realistic alternative to getting active disabled people outdoors. Like most disabled people, I like to be independent and would be if this town was built to code as required by law.

I personally have had to fight tooth and nail just to get equal access to do simple things like going skiing. Don't get me wrong, I am all for getting severely disabled people outdoors. I just take offence to some AB's comments that were clearly misleading. Specifically her remark's "People with disabilities will see that Whistler is adaptive, accessible and there’s all these activities that can be done there."

Ask any disabled people who lives here and you will have at least one complaint. I have listed some examples.

• No wheelchair buses

• No handidart

• No w/c school bus

• No w/c housing

• Poor access to shops and services

• Poor w/c parking

• No organised year round recreation for persons with disabilities

• RMOW won't call to even acknowledge I applied for work here several times

• I am consistantly discriminated against

• Whistler's city planning is poor period

Over the years I have brought these issues to light but you are to scared to hear the truth because the truth hurts.

There is a lot of work that has to be done in order to host the 2010 Paralympics, because Whistler could not host them today.

I can see it now… a line of rickshaws to carry the Paralympics participants around… What a joke!

Jon Maycock



Don’t look far

Someone has to say what a lot of us must be thinking after reading of the upcoming fundraiser for the Health Care Centre, so here goes…

I hope that the fundraising committee does not look too far to raise the $1.5 million needed to purchase the new teleradiology equipment that will benefit the entire Sea to Sky corridor.

Mr. Lambert’s suggestion that the monies that would have been donated by the developers of the Nita Lake Lodge were a form of "bribery" has ensured that this donation to the Health Care Centre will now no longer happen.

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