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Where’s our speed bump?

Dear Mr. Mayor and Council:

On September 28, 2001, I submitted on behalf of myself and virtually all of the owners and residents of Nancy Greene Drive, a letter to Council stating the need for ‘speed bumps’ along Nancy Greene Drive in White Gold Estates. This letter was submitted in accordance to the ‘Traffic Calming Policy’ guidelines. A short while later I received a phone call from Municipal engineering department and was told that the speed bumps were tied to the development of a piece of property not adjacent to, or connecting to, Nancy Greene Drive. "We will be passing the cost of the speed bumps to the developer of that parcel of land."

In other words, the safety of the residents of Nancy Greene Drive was to be in the hands of someone who would have to bare the cost of the speed bumps, yet had no direct concerns for our neighbourhood safety. Needless to say the idea did not fly. No Speed Bumps.

I next received a letter from Municipal hall dated February 13, 2002, stating that a traffic volume and speed study on Nancy Greene Drive would be carried out. A study of White Gold was done in the late spring of 2002, right in the height of the shoulder season. We, the residents of White Gold received no feed back as to the results of this study.

It is now July of 2003 and I have just finished a phone conversation with the municipal traffic technologist. Once again I was told that there is a priority list regarding the placement of speed bumps and that a couple of speed bumps plus signage costs in the region of $5000.00. I was told that another neighbourhood is next in line and Nancy Greene Drive did not seem to be on the immediate horizon. Let me state now that I am not upset that another neighbourhood is receiving the benefits of the Traffic Calming Policy before White Gold does.

However, once again let me make the case for the need for speed bumps on Nancy Greene Drive.

White Gold has the highest concentration of B&B's, Pensions and Lodges of any of Whistlers residential neighbourhoods, and as a result there is a constant traffic flow. Multitudes of tourist drivers unfamiliar with speed limits or the number of residential children, are often only fixated with getting to and from the mountains or village severely compromise safety on this road.

High volumes of commercial traffic also push the safety limits to maximize the time they can save on their trips along this straight section of road. Residents sometimes are also complacent when in a hurry.

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