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Did you think that I can afford to buy another bike? You are wrong, that Specialized Big Hit wasn't even mine yet I still owe the guy I was buying it from.

As for the other two bikes, it must feel like a real coup for you to be sneaky enough to get away with three bikes. I am not a violent person so all I can do is sit back and wait for karma to take its toll on you and your buddies. Trust me it will because I work in a bike shop and all my mechanic friends feel the same way about bike theft as I do. Hope you don't break something you can't fix!

There are more eyes looking for our bikes than just mine, so hope it is me that finds you cause I'll just take the bike back and let the police know what you look like, I can't really say what one of my friends might do.

Happy riding; may the rubber always be up and your face in the dirt, painfully I might add.

Erin Keam


Last Thursday’s great presentation by "The Bat Guy," Dr. Mark Brigham, marks the end of the first year of the Whistler Naturalists’ monthly Speaker Series. During that time over 1,200 people have enjoyed 12 shows at MY Place spanning a huge range of natural history topics.

Some highlights include: Jack Souther’s volcanoes, Steve Herrero’s bears, John Ford’s orcas, and the 1st annual Mountain Images slide show last September (watch for the upcoming second annual!). Another highlight was The Bat Guy’s presentations last week to 90 rapt elementary students at Myrtle Philip (organized by Marie-France Dubois) and Shelley Webster’s high school science class. Showing more of the natural world to Whistler’s young people is a key direction for next year’s Speakers Series.

We have a lot of people to thank for helping put these shows together. Thanks to the Community Foundation of Whistler and a Resort Municipality of Whistler Grant-in-Aid for funding. Thanks to Gordon McKeever at Rainbow Retreats Accommodations for putting our guest speakers up in style, and to Whistler-Blackcomb for donating lift tickets so that our guests could enjoy the mountains.

Thanks to Matt and all the volunteer videographers at Whistler Cable for filming the shows, and to Christian, Gillie, Rob, Lynn and Tonya at MY Place. Thanks also to the Whistler Golf Club and the Pemberton Valley Golf Club for making sure our gondola-phobic visitors last week got two great rounds of golf.

The Speaker Series kicks off again in August and will have shows at MY Place on the fourtth Thursday of each month through next May. Some events planned for the next season include ethnobotanist Nancy Turner (August), the second annual Mountain Images Nature Photo Exhibition (September), and October’s FungoFest (everything mushroomy). For details, check the upcoming event section at the bottom of the NatureSpeak column in this paper, or contact us to get on our mailing list.