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My sisters for washing my hair while I was in hospital. Thank you.

My girlfriends for painting my toenails and helping me feel human while I was in hospital. Thank you.

Vicki Powell from Peak Performance for going above the role of my physiotherapist and for being there for me as a friend. Thank you.

Charles, Vicki’s whipped husband for playing "catcher" on my first day of walking. Thank you.

Donna McMurtry and Cathy McQuaid from Peak Performance for their "therapeutic" NOT pain free massages. Thank you.

The staff at Peak Performance for their positive energy. Thank you.

Tracey from Peak Performance who always seems to need a break right when I need a hand out to the taxi. Thank you.

Laurie Nelson, the funky Occupational Therapist from Squamish who organizes my life. Thank you.

Gill Hamilton, the stellar Home Care Nurse who was there for me in my early days. Thank you.

Steve Milstein, the genuine psychologist with strange but extremely effective techniques. Thank you.

Creekside Medical Clinic for always being available when I need an appointment. Thank you.

Whistler Taxi for carting me to and from my appointments with prompt service and to dispatch for always being friendly and saying good morning. Thank you.

Nesters Market for offering to do my grocery shopping. Thank you.

Meadow Park Sports Centre staff for always greeting me with a smile, calling my taxis and helping me swing off the rope. Thank you.

Cog and all the Blackcomb patrol for offering to get me up into the alpine one day soon and for offering to pick me up in a limousine for the Christmas staff party. Thank you. (Tutley you better not have been lying).

Kim Devries from the rehabilitation department in ICBC. Thank you.

Kevin Jarvis and staff for being so confident. Thank you.

Cathy Sulyk, the crazy home support worker who I depend on weekly for assistance. Thank you.

PW Garden Care for help with snow removal even though there hasn’t been a lot of snow this year. Thank you.

Everyone who’s told me this winter hasn’t been that great for skiing. Thank you.

Joe Nunane from Access Sea to Sky Adventures for renting me a wheelchair and a walker. Thank you.

Jim Martinello, for lending me his backrest and seat cushion and for being a listening ear. Thank you.