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Wow, how one’s life can change in an instant yet still have the threads held together through community support.

I want to thank the following:

The heroic bystanders who attended the accident site and helped each of the injured. Thank you.

Dr. Kendall, for riding his bike past the accident site and stopping to help. Thank you.

The Whistler Fire Department, police department and ambulance attendants for working extremely hard on freeing me from my vehicle alive and in one piece. Thank you.

The Advanced Life Support crew for showing up to the accident scene with Morphine. Thank you.

The Whistler Health Care Centre: Dr. Wallman, the incredible nurses, Janet, Ingrid and Anne, the lab, x-ray and front desk staff for caring for me. Thank you.

Vancouver General Hospital; emergency, trauma, ICU and West 9 staff. Thank you.

Dr. O’Brien, Dr. Guy and the operating room staff at VGH for putting my legs back together. Thank you.

Erik Vu a medical student, for oddly enough showing up in the right place at the right time. Thank you.

Squamish General Hospital Staff, especially all my mother hens. Thank you.

Linda Wood and Nancy Haffey, two nurses with hearts of gold. Thank you.

Stephanie Whitely, a nurse who values the little things in life. Thank you.

Lions Gate Hospital Staff even though I didn’t work there long. Thank you.

Andrew Mitchell from Pique Newsmagazine for running an article to help me find a place to live. Thank you.

All the real estate people in town for helping me look for a wheelchair accessible home. Thank you.

Fiona Dercole for trying very hard to rent me her place, even though it didn’t work out. Thank you.

The Westin Resort and Spa staff in Whistler, who demonstrated five-star quality service for a month to a grumpy girl in her early days of being injured. Thank you.

Nicole McKay for renting me her ever so perfect suite while she is away at school. Thank you.

My Dad who tirelessly put up a good fight to stay and help me. Thank you.

My Mom who got her chance to have me home for Christmas and fill me full of cookies. Thank you.

My brother Chris, who loves to do things for me right when I ask him to. Good job Gloria, we all know you aced Vicki’s whipping class. Both of you, thank you for being there.