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The countries which our young men fought for and against is a real paradox. Germany, who attempted to conquer the world, now refuse to help, using the UN as a guise. France, whom we died to free, have even threatened a UN veto. Thank god the Dutch people have longer memories. Our own French Canadian Prime Minister has disgraced the memories of our wartime heroes. He is deserting America when they need us. He must be smug in knowing that if the need arise the US of A will never desert us.

So peace activists, if you really want to help, perhaps you could sponsor events to raise funds for the victims of war; investigate how to aid the battle against terrorism, being vigilant and energetic; contact relief organizations to find out the greatest need and help alleviate that need.

You are not wrong to want world peace, I believe your energies are misdirected.

Gladys Phare