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Incidentally, it seems strange that, when asked, our MLA and some other officials said the July closure was to be at 10 p.m. and were surprised to learn otherwise. Was a change made without consultation?

One visitor who will be arriving from Finland said that he "would have to download the Finnish government’s advisory for travel in Third World countries." What a way to welcome tourists to Whistler in July!

I implore you to please change the closure at least to 10 p.m..

Robina Greatrex.


Pemberton has a real trash problem which has just gotten worse. Just one day after the McDonald's opening, garbage was already strewn along Vine Road and in the fields surrounding it. As I walked into town along Portage Road today I noticed several more McDonald's bags are already accumulating along the road side. I will never understand how people can be such pigs, having so little respect for our beautiful town. Maybe we will never be able to completely eliminate litterbugs, but I wonder if providing more disposal options could help the problem. Perhaps McDonald’s, along with other businesses having an abundance of packaging, could provide more (bear-proof) garbage cans in the areas surrounding them. After all, keeping our town clean and beautiful can only help our image and their business!

Joanne Vanderwerf


On March 7th, the Grade 7 students at Pemberton Secondary were able to spend the day on Whistler Mountain for free. Heidi Parker of Whistler-Blackcomb, along with her entourage of volunteer instructors and other Ski School staff took the students up the hill for the day.

Josh said the best part of Friday was that he doesn’t get to ski very often so it was a lot of fun. Amy used the opportunity to learn how to snowboard, successfully making seven connecting turns before the end of the day. Well done! Cady was able to ski with an old friend who has moved to Whistler and thought the red busses we were transported on were much better than the school busses. The instructors reported that the students were "wicked" and that it was a tremendous day with a great group of kids.

All of the Grade 7 students who participated, along with their teachers, thank Whistler-Blackcomb Ski School for the effort they made to give us such a great opportunity.... and the weather co-operated!

Angela Stott,

for Pemberton Secondary School

Word of protest

This letter is in support for the Canadian government and its refusal to send our men and women to Iraq. It's not too often you see Ottawa not bend in the hot air coming from the south.