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Under the Kyoto Accord there will be penalties for those who, for example, produce power by burning fossil fuels. Should you produce power by so called "Green" methods you will earn points. These points can be traded to offset the penalty against your oil/gas burning plant.

Since B.C. Hydro has reached the end of the line with building large scale hydroelectric dams, what is left is gas fired turbines. To offset the penalty, "Green" points are of value. At the end of the day we have who knows how many "river killers" and gas-fired plants like Sumas 2.

Considering the fact that growth is part of the equation, and consumption of power is part of it, my wish is that we could conserve power better than we do now. The need for future power production could come from the depths of the earth, in the form of Geo-Thermal generation, of which we have plenty surrounding us in this area. It may not be perfect, but at least it’s not as primitive as what's taking place.

Steve Anderson



Cloudworks energy, most recently known to Pemberton Valley residents as the Miller Creek Power Company, is at it again. Let us learn from Mr. Nick Andrews’ trail of incomplete details and hidden agendas. May I remind you of the recent sale of the Miller Creek Project to Alberta’s Epcor with numerous details that were misrepresented to the public in their initial proposal.

One detail in particular comes to mind, the distribution line. The Pemberton Meadows is now littered with a power line that will be with us for generations to come. This eyesore was a detail that Nick’s associates overlooked when selling the project to the community.

These watersheds provide access to some vital and sensitive areas in the Pemberton area. Pemberton has recently been granted Gateway Status to the backcountry, and these small hydro projects, producing marginal amounts of power, with enormous costs to local environments, are not the answer.

Robbie Stevens

Pemberton Meadows


Re: "Preparing For War" by Andrew Mitchell

I would like to express my support for our local council to adopt a position against a pre-emptive U.S. led war on Iraq. The argument that this is a federal matter too controversial for Whistler to take a stand on absolves our responsibility as global citizens. The time to act and speak up is now. Why?

1 . A war on Iraq will not decrease terrorism . Quite the contrary, many foreign policy experts and NGOs argue that it will increase terrorist response. Military solutions to political, economic and social problems generally perpetuate a cycle of violence and revenge. Iraq is a secular state, which by definition is contrary to the doctrines of fundamentalist Islamic groups like Al Qaeda. Links between Saddam and Bin Laden’s organization were the weakest component of Powell’s presentation of evidence to the Security Council last week.