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Who should go smaller?

Re: the Whistler Housing Forum invitation

I just read your ad for the housing forum entitled "Smaller is Better." As a Whistler local, I think we've gone small enough! My boyfriend and I share a one-bedroom condo in an apartment complex. We don't need a monster home, like all the empty ones we drive by on the way to our jam packed complex, but would one day like an extra bedroom or a foyer like most normal homes.

Moreover, what will determine whether we stay in Whistler is how strong our desire for a yard and garage becomes. This is where I think you should be focussing your efforts.

Why should locals go without their own piece of property to play on?

Please, it is the corporate monster home owners who should go smaller, not the cramped locals.

Tobi Henderson



Re: your Australian Feature and Aussie flavoured Pique of last week.

Austrlians in Whistler is a tired old axe to grind, and I often used to side with the odd Canuck who was in desperate need of putting the boot into my countrymen and women. For what could be more annoying than a tanked Aussie pack of larikens stumbling through the village at 2 a.m. shouting abuse in our native slang and starting a bit of biffo at Misty Mountain? I have lived on both sides of the fence in regards to this behaviour, and know too well just where it gets you in the eyes of the Whistler local.

However in hindsight of five years living amongst the Canadian pines I can say one thing, the low pay and basic jobs offered by the mountain aren’t all to blame. There is the W-B mandate to house internationals together, rather than mixing the housing on a first come, first served basis.

This housing situation or segragation is akin to public housing in South Africa. The short black sheep go here the tall white sheep here and the Quebecois down there. The ultimate result is a lack of socializing on all parts. The Quebecois stick to themsleves, the Aussies go to their local pub in a group and the English sub-let all their accom and live in beat up vans in Carpark 14. It's anti-social and what I believe to be the basis of the problem of Aussie haters.

If you make the effort not to be swallowed by the W-B machine, you benefit in many ways. You meet Canadians, you work with them and you may even be lucky enough to live with a couple. It makes you live a lot like a Canadian, and that ain't bad – in fact it's a joy. There's a stack of benefits other than the sweet smoke of back bacon, pancakes, maple syrup and hash browns. Why you'll learn many new things like how to recycle, and master the art of (PC) political correctness (Canadian for Pilates). In fact you may just see what Canada is really about, rather than meeting four more china plates from Dunnydoon.

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