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Letters to the Editor


You better watch out!

I had the luxury of receiving a $15 parking ticket on Main Street on Dec. 4 th this year at 4:39 p.m. That is on a Tuesday! I had quickly run in to pick up my dry cleaning and run one other errand, which might have taken me all of 15 minutes, max. I interpret this as a direct stab to us, as locals; to go ticketing stalls during an unfortunate extended slow time for many. I am not sure how long the new parking fees have been in place there, but obviously I missed the warning, if there was any.

Is it just me or has the parking in this town gone over the top? It is absolutely ridiculous.

• The construction of The Four Seasons Hotel has left Club Intrawest, Chateau and other employees in the upper village having to find alternate parking either at Base II or day lot 4.

• There are traffic jams underneath the conference centre.

• Parking stalls at the Glacier Lodge are being sold for over $25,000! (I think that beats the Intrawest record at Legends for revenue per square foot.)

• Corporations buying up parking stalls and charging up to $15 per day or $300 per month.

• Rumour has it that the day parking lots will be paved next year and there will be daily charges there too.

Where are the employees that make this town tick going to park? This is not a move forwards in sustainability and affordability. Chalk it up to an additional cost on top of the already high cost of living that we endure as residents. I guess it is just another tactic of forcing the people who have helped create this town to move away. Maybe we should consult the Walt Disney executives or the municipal leaders of Aspen?

It is sad I have lived here over five years and I promote Whistler to the best of my ability. In fact it has become my business. However, I feel that the support in this town for the people who live here, except a token few friends and suppliers, is non-existent. Or maybe I am not in the right circles here.

Instead of just complaining I have two suggestions. Perhaps the municipality could:

1) Adopt the similar parking policies that Vancouver has. People with local mailing addresses come to the municipality with proof of residence for a sticker to place in their vehicles windshield.

2) Use some of the funding from the "financial tools" that Hugh O’Reilly talked about in the Dec. 13 Pique to cover the costs.