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Letters to the editor


Now that the election is out of the way (sort of), I would like to thank the person(s) at the RMOW responsible for the installation of the traffic light at the corner of Highway 99 and Nancy Greene Drive.

Was the timing of this much-needed improvement connected to the election date? Perhaps, however only those in the council chambers really know the answer to that one. Let's put it to the test. If our council well and truly has the best interests of all Whistlerites at heart, let's see what they will (or won't) do about the dark stretch of Valley Trail that connects Nancy Greene Drive (via Blackcomb Way) with the village proper.

This is a major pedestrian thoroughfare that connects the predominately "locals" communities of the Nesters area and White Gold with the workplaces and shops in town. On one side of this desolate stretch is a dark, forested area, on the other, the equally dark and desolate Montebello development (you could shoot a cannon through there most nights but the RMOW's definition of what constitutes an occupied "bed" is a matter for another discussion). At night, or late afternoon for that matter, this stretch of trail is pitch black, and navigation is made possible solely by the lights of vehicles driving on the adjacent Blackcomb Way. Of course there are two lights at the entrance of the aforementioned Montebello. One can only assume that these were installed to assist the part-time "residents" who are here so often that they forget where there vacation homes are located!

Is it too much to ask that this trail, used by residents to get to work and play, might "see the light?" Or do we have to wait until the next election for public safety to be on the agenda... only time will tell.

Ian Ward



Christmas from a Muslim’s perspective

I like to offer my comment on the public attention drawn by the Royal Mint’s use of the words "days of giving" substituting for the words "days of Christmas." The latter have been part of the traditional song for scores of years and the Royal Mint deserves criticism for the following reasons.

1. Royal Mint’s sole purpose was to promote their product for commercial gain, and as such, they had no right to play with a tradition which is dear to millions all over the world.

2. Royal Mint has no business of judging what is politically correct.

Christmas represents the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and I as a Muslim revere his coming and his teachings of love and forgiveness. In a religious sense, the Quran (chapter 19) contains the story of the miraculous birth of Jesus as a prophet of God. Furthermore, according to verse 33 Jesus himself spoke of celebrating his birth. No such reference of self declaration of a blessed birth is found about any other historical person in the Quran. I, as a Muslim, therefore have a valid religious reason to participate in the celebration of the birth of Jesus.