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Davenport/Soave connection needs scrutiny

Dominic Soave was closely involved in Ted Nebbeling’s campaign for mayor of Whistler and for MLA and is now involved in the Dave Davenport campaign. Dominic Soave was also the developer of the Sunridge Plateau subdivision. Sunridge Plateau was not identified on planning documents as land suitable for rezoning but it nevertheless was rezoned when Ted Nebbeling was mayor, in a process unlike other rezonings. This year the RMOW taxpayers, not Dominic Soave, had to fund a cost of about $860,000 putting in a proper water storage reservoir for the multi-million dollar Sunridge Plateau.

In this week’s Pique Newsmagazine, Dave Davenport speaks of a "better land use plan than just a line in the sand that we call the bed cap."

For all we know, Dave Davenport may have made it clear that rezoning payoffs are not in the cards. Unfortunately we don’t have a track record with Mr. Davenport in public office as a councillor to get a handle on his mode of operation, what he is likely to support or not support. With Mr. Soave’s campaign machine behind Mr. Davenport and the possibility of the bed unit cap coming off there is cause for concern. If you don’t learn from history, you don’t learn at all.

Nelson Bastien, retired

11 years RMOW Waterworks supervisor


Kathy Barnett, Publisher of the Pique, wrote a "Message from the Pique Chair" openly supporting Dave Davenport and defending the Pique’s integrity regarding current election reporting.

Given all the "innovative and independent thinking" at the Pique why haven’t the following simple facts come out, the dots hooked up and the tough question been asked of Mr. Davenport?

Whistler’s Mayor Hugh O’Reilly and the present council stood up to the provincial government and the Olympic bid corporation and withheld their support of the 2010 Olympic Games until the province agreed to Whistler’s guiding principles and committed to a package of lasting legacies for Whistler, albeit a package woefully short on tangible environmental benefits.

The premier and the bid corporation now respect Whistler’s position and we have already secured many of the legacies whether or not the bid is successful.

The MLA responsible for the Olympic bid, Ted Nebbeling, was not happy with Whistler’s mayor and council calling the shots and not having more direct personal control of the situation.

Dave Davenport was appointed to the Olympic bid corp. board of directors by Ted Nebbeling. Ted Nebbeling and his political machine are behind the Davenport campaign.

Question: Is Dave Davenport likely to be as effective as Hugh O’Reilly ensuring that the best interests of Whistler always come first?

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