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A successful fundraiser was held in my honour by Dale and Big Rich. I wish I was there. Here too, the support from the entire community was tremendous.

The community rallied and has made the process of recovery that much easier. That which seemed so far off is now near. This weekend I hope to be home in Whistler to celebrate a very special Thanksgiving.

Thank you everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.

John Chalk



The Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group would like to extend a huge thank you to all who participated in B.C. Rivers Day Festivities on Sunday, Sept. 29.

Every year this festival seems to be growing in size and in local participation; due entirely to the large number of people who volunteer their time for this province-wide celebration.

Special thanks to Tim Malone and the Whistler Outdoor Experience (WOE) gang, who donated the use of their facilities at the Edgewater Lodge, as well as barbecues, canoes and kayaks, and lots of great tips about boating in B.C.’s waterways.

Tim also made his annual contribution to the WFSG, which will be used for habitat restoration projects in the Whistler Valley.

Bruce at Nesters Market ensured that we were all fed during the festival, by providing enough burgers and hot-dogs for 100 people! Thank you to Chris for organizing a very successful clean-up of Parkhurst, to Helen of the Whistler Museum & Archives Society, Grahame Marpole, and to all those who came out to celebrate the health and beauty of B.C.’s waterways.

The Rivers Day festival is a clear example of just how many people live in Whistler who care about their local environment, and who make a conscious effort to help raise awareness about its integrity and value. Way to go, Whistler!

Lisa Helmer

Heather Beresford

Veronica Sommerville

Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group

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