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Frankly I’m surprised that some of the tour groups that operate in these areas didn’t see fit to show support. Whatever. I feel I did my bit to help an area that I love to visit, and that’s what I go home with.

Many of the business people that I spoke with gave their support within seconds of hearing my schpeal. I had about $1,000 in prizes and beer to boot. Whistler Outdoor Experience gave 150 per cent of their support, without Tim it definitely would not have happened.

Ideally, the Parkhurst site should be turned into a working museum with a demonstration house, log mill, and whatever else that could shift tourists away from our precious River Of Golden Dreams. Think Old Fort Henry or Upper Canada Village. What a perfect place.

Take a walk on the Green Lake Loop and discover for yourself what life sort of looked like in the ‘Good Old Days’. More information can be found online at, including a full sponsorship list as well as photos and a brief history from John Nolder himself.

Thanks again everyone,

Chris Lentz

Crusader for Heritage



Re: Elizabeth Manso Visiting Volunteers

For anyone searching for a sense of community in Whistler, you need look no further than the Elizabeth Manso Visiting Volunteers, a caring group of people giving their time and energy for the good of individuals in the community.

This summer, a sudden flu attack left us in need and two wonderful ladies, Eileen and Lisa came to our rescue. They gave our baby boy incomparable care and even tidied up for us. We would like to thank them immensely for their generosity.

Although I am not able to help the volunteers at this time, I understand they are recruiting new volunteers. They can be reached through the Whistler Community Services Society at 604-932-0113.

Kat Sullivan



In early August of this year I had major surgery. The support I received from family, friends and the Whistler community was overwhelming. Letters, cards, phone calls and visits of well wishing were numerous.

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