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I am also concerned with the renewed interest this will bring to go ahead with the construction of the Creekside highway bypass right-of-way south of Alta Lake, or even the Whistler highway bypass right-of-way on the slopes of Sproatt and Rainbow mountains.

I also seriously question the land bank legacy, especially if its in the Callaghan Valley. The construction of a residential/commercial employee village of up to 8,000 bed units, 15 minutes south of Whistler Village, does not fit with our goal of retaining employees living in our community, to say nothing of the transportation issues. The concept of an employee subdivision somewhere in Whistler must be considered, but I would really like to have some assurances that if land is set aside for this purpose, it will not relieve the municipality from the responsibility to find ways of keeping employees living within our existing neighbourhoods.

And then there is the development of Lot 1 and 9 between the Brew Pub and the medical clinic. I sadly accept that this ancient forest will be developed one day, but I question if another, bigger arena, is the best use of that prime space.

While I am excited at the prospect of the Winter Olympics coming to Whistler, I question whether all the "legacies" that come with this bid will really make Whistler a better place to live and work in the future. I wish we could have worked more with council to produce a truly winning bid, and talked more about housing solutions, transportation solutions, and other opportunities. The public consultation process that is leading our council to vote on the Olympics has been only slightly better then the process that took us through the WEF. And this time again, the best opportunity for council to hear from the public will take place at the eleventh hour just prior to council's vote. There must be a better way.

I hope residents will make their views known before the Oct. 21 vote.

Stéphane Perron



I appreciated John Konig's eloquent and thoughtful letter in last week's Pique, and concur with all his insightful and logical points. I particularly endorse his suggestion on the development of rental suites in homes to be built.

Everyone knows that Whistler desperately needs rental suites for its workers now and in the future. However, the only effective and respectful way of trying to get more rental suites in new homes, is to encourage not coerce. It sets the right tone for an enlightened and educated community to apply that approach. The opposite approach sends a very different message.

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