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I pulled over, approached her, and despite her pain she wagged her tail, cowered and asked for nothing. I picked her up, put her in my car, and drove to the vet's office. She whined quietly. I arrived and without hesitation the girls from the office carried her inside. Even now their compassion and kindness touches my heart.

Soul’s three breaks in her leg and dislocated shoulder along with termination of her pregnancy was taken care of on Thursday. They also spayed her. For anyone that isn't aware this is a simple operation, which prevents unwanted puppies. It goes hand in hand with taking on the responsibility of owning a dog!

I am well aware that most sad animal stories have an equally sad ending. I am also aware that this little dog represents a tiny speck on the face of a massive social problem. Finally, I also know that my tiny effort with that tiny speck began a chain reaction of wonderful, compassionate, caring people who ultimately did make a difference to that one dog, and that's good enough for me.

Good Luck Soul.

Ruth Noden



Our council will possibly vote to officially endorse the 2010 winter Olympic Bid on Monday, Oct. 21.

While I personally believe the winter Olympics would be an exciting two week sporting event, I am not convinced all "legacies" that come with this bid are in Whistler's best interest.

While many legacies are sure to please most Whistlerites, others will have far reaching impacts that deserve much more public consultation then they have been given to date.

I was disappointed to hear at last Monday's council meeting that the transportation legacy many were hoping for will not simply be a safer highway, but a bigger highway, bringing a three lane highway to Function Junction. I fail to see how this fits with Whistler's Transportation Strategy goal to reduce demand for cars instead of increasing the supply of roads. The provincial ministry forecasts a 40 per cent increase in traffic in our region over the next 25 years but I question those figures as Whistler reaches build-out, Pemberton has limited growth opportunities, and the Hurley Road is being closed to regular traffic. "If you build it, they will come," and if anything, it is a bigger highway that will fuel growth.

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