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To add insult to injury, the mountain bike season has traditionally ended with the Cheakamus Challenge – always the third weekend in September. This year is the 20th anniversary, and no surprise, it is on Sept. 21. Didn’t the guys from Denver mention this when you were planning the 2 day workshop?

The fact that this Comprehensive Sustainability Plan has developed from a $430,000, four-phase proposal to the current $730,000 for just the first two phases, I don’t dare suggest that we have more workshops on more appropriate days. But I do strongly suggest that the two full day workshops in September be rescheduled to at least appear that you want the input from the mountain biking community.

As for these first two workshops… it’s too late, but as an eight-year member of the WORCA board, I will be happy to work with your staff to try and bring the mountain biking community’s input to the project. I am a very strong supporter of this Comprehensive Sustainability Plan, and I want to see it succeed, not just because we desperately need a plan (any plan would be good), but I believe this plan is the right focus. Actions speak louder than words "The municipality is committed to involving the community . . ."

Now I’m asking for your input.

Bob Lorriman



On behalf of our 19-month-old daughter, Ella, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone in our community and beyond for all their prayers and positive thoughts that came to her aide during her recent illness.

Now well on her way to a full recovery, Ella fought for her life against meningococcus type B bacteria – meningococcemia (blood infection). This fatal bacteria can lead to meningitis, but in Ella’s case it caused major blood poisoning and cardiovascular collapse within 14 hours of its diagnosis here in Whistler.

After 12 days in the Intensive Care Unit at Vancouver Children’s Hospital on full life support, our normally happy, healthy Ella was transferred to a general ward where she slowly returned to us. Now, one month later, we are back home, truly grateful for the gift we have been given and the miracle of her life.