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My point is that once the laws of the land have been violated, the acceptable abuse of power boundaries become dangerously fuzzy, if non-existent. This opens the door to further control, intimidation and discriminatory practices that make some citizens and businesses more equal than others, at council’s discretion. You should be thanking us for defending the rights of advertising companies, such as yours, because you would never know when you would be next.

Lack of equality, accountability and objectivity lie at the core of the TA problem. Acceptable behaviours within residential neighbourhoods are dictated by bylaws that should apply equally to all house occupants, whether they are short-term renters, long-term tenants, or the homeowners themselves. Who occupies the house simply should not matter, as long as the rules that apply to residential neighbourhoods that ensure a peaceful co-existence by all, are respected. The RMOW’s zoning strategy has disproportionately afforded some residents more financial opportunities than others, has turned bylaw enforcement into an instrument of the real estate market and commercial interest groups, and has robbed locals of obvious housing and financial sustainability initiatives. In addition, guests are going to competitor ski resorts because they just cannot afford the larger TA zoned properties in Whistler’s top locations. The blatant, screaming injustice of it all has created resentment, community divisiveness and growing anger within the context of a rapidly escalating resident financial sustainability crisis.

Unfortunately, those who are most affected by this are too afraid to come forward, thanks to the RMOW’s tactics of terror and intimidation that have the power to make individuals and companies such as ours, social and business pariahs within the resort community.

For that reason, this problem is not going away any time soon. I suggest that we stop paying the lawyers and start putting into place a balanced, long-term community-approved system where everyone comes out a winner.

Sue Chappel



In honour of the Great Karnak clairvoyant created by Tonight Show host Johnny Carson, and perpetuated by David Letterman, we have asked the Great One to give us: The 10 reasons why property owners in Whistler are arguing who should and should not be allowed to rent cabins and condos on a nightly basis.

No. 10. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Tourist Accommodation (nightly rentals).

No. 9. Council couldn’t decide which subdivision should be allowed nightly rentals.