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Who’s counting?

I'm not too sure why Whistler is tooting its horn when it says there are more men then women. Take a look around, the majority of men are suspended in a state of extended adolescence.

Ladies, if you are looking to find a good man... don't go to Whistler. Why even bother when most of the men that reside in Whistler are jaded and emotionally crippled? Did you ever here the joke, "What is the difference between a Whistler Male and an investment bond? Eventually, the investment bond matures and makes money."

Whistler men are an entity unto themselves.

Sandi Ross,

Whistler resident 1990-2001



Re: Who wins in the TA dispute, Pique Opening Remarks July 19 is an advertising and software services company for owners who self-manage their independent rental operations.’s conflict with the RMOW is directly related to the following two constitutional questions: 1) Are advertisers and software services providers legally responsible in any way for how their clients use their products? 2) Can the RMOW legally use/abuse its municipal powers to coerce companies such as into accepting responsibilities that clearly lie within the operational jurisdiction of the RMOW and that even violate fundamental constitutional rights?

Common sense dictates that in both cases, the answers are no. Thankfully, we do not have to rely on the common sense or ethical standards of council, as The Charter of Rights and Freedoms legally supports the answer. In addition, a landmark US legal precedent was set the same week that the RMOW suspended’s business license, when the appellate court found that eBay was immune from liability for actions caused by its sellers under the federal Communications Decency Act of 1996, which protects "interactive computer service providers" from the misdeeds of their users.

To not challenge the RMOW’s actions against would be a tacit admission of guilt, when we are innocent. We have no choice but to defend ourselves. Let’s face it, you would also be taking the RMOW to court if you had to screen, prejudge the intentions of your advertisers, police their activities and even report on their businesses to the RMOW. You would also be inadvertently accepting significant legal liability and municipal responsibilities. By logical extension, real estate agents should not be allowed to sell houses to people who may engage in bylaw infractions and should be obliged to monitor the activities of their property purchasers. By the same token, the Whistler Phone Directory should not be granted a business license. To take it one step further, Telus should also be brought into court for helping suspect owners communicate with renters and VISA should also be pursued helping these owners process transactions. How about all the Whistler cleaning businesses who clean these houses? Should they also be targeted?