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• As a result of the legislation, a number of strata hotels moved from class 1 residential to class 6 business, while some have remained in class 1.

• The legislation unfortunately has resulted in similar properties being classified differently which has resulted in unfair and inequitable tax treatment between similar properties.

• Legislation guiding the classification of the strata hotels is under the purview of the provincial government. As such, the municipality does not control the legislation and does not have the ability to change the legislation.

• The municipality has lobbied for a solution that will provide fairness and equity towards like properties and stability.

The provincial government is aware of the issue. In 2001, a minor revision to the legislation moved some strata hotels, including the Westin Resort and Spa and the Holiday Inn, back into class 6 business in time for the 2002 tax roll. The Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management has committed to resolve the issue in time for the 2003 assessment roll. The municipality supports this initiative.

Whistler’s ongoing success and strength in the marketplace is attributable to many different factors, but without a doubt, this resort community requires a stable and consistent revenue stream to sustain the high quality of visitor experience and improve resident’s quality of life. To achieve this the municipality seeks tax equity among property owners, affordability for residents and businesses and consistent delivery of municipal services to the standard of a successful international resort.

Diana Waltman

Information Officer

Resort Municipality of Whistler