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Now the assault on our parks has begun with corporatization of the Parks (, and the upcoming reductions and eliminations of parks, beginning with the Lillooet/South Chilcotin area.

The B.C. government is also dramatically reducing public input into the land planning process. After the recent Garibaldi Park/Singing Pass land swap Whistler-Blackcomb officials remarked that this was done to correct a mapping error and as such required no consultation with citizens and stake holder groups. Whistler-Blackcomb decided in this case that consultation, or even timely releases of information are quite simply unnecessary.

Rather than working together to ensure that all interests are clearly understood and taken into account, this action signals a change, a new era where a corporation feels there is no need to take into account any needs other than its own and it's investors. Hopefully Whistler-Blackcomb recognizes its actions on this issue erodes the sense of trust and co-operation which this community is built on, it "changes the rules."

This trust might be restored through an open consultation process with stakeholders on the many issues affecting the Fitzsimmons Creek/Singing Pass area, from proposed ski lift development through power generation facilities. We encourage Whistler-Blackcomb to initiate this process quickly, and also to demonstrate its understanding that as our parks are already under threat from all sides, the need is urgent to work together in ensuring we pass on a legacy of a sound park system to future generations to steward and care for.

Eckhard Zeidler for

AWARE Wilderness Backyard Committee


So our mayor is "satisfied" with the massive security at the past weekend meeting. Depending on what numbers you believe, the so-called "protesters" were outnumbered by something like five to one by the media and 10 to one by the police, to say nothing of the choppers and police dogs.

Was this a rehearsal for a WEF meeting, and how about the Olympics? Multiply these numbers by a hundredfold and consider a budget of what, $500 million for security – or more? Taxpayers – that’s us – and it doesn't matter which arm of government pays, we are paying for it.

Do we need choppers going "whop, whop" overhead all day and police sniffer dogs checking our personals wherever we go? We’ve got enough dogs of our own!

Our mayor may be satisfied but I agree with Troy Assaly – we don't need it!