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It’s been suggested that the WEF and Whistler are not a good fit. The fact is our community’s own core values are very well reflected in the founding principles of the World Economic Forum. It is "…committed to improving the state of the world… acting in the spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest to further economic growth and social progress."

Sounds very close to what we’re trying to achieve in Whistler as well.

Because of the WEF’s admirable core values that are shared by our community, and because this conference will be very beneficial to our resort in these times of "flat-lining" tourism revenue, we indeed look forward to welcoming the World Economic Forum to Whistler in 2004.

For further information about the WEF, see our article elsewhere in this publication or check out: www.weforum.org

To express your support for hosting the WEF in Whistler, write a letter to the editors of our local papers, send a copy of that letter to our municipal council and attend the April 22 council meeting at which this matter will be discussed.

The World Economic Forum in Whistler Committee

David Roberts, chair and general manager, Chateau Whistler

Suzanne Denbak, president and CEO, Tourism Whistler

Victor Burt, general manager, Westin Resort & Spa

Ken Cretney, general manager, Delta Whistler Resort

John Nadeau, chair, Whistler Chamber of Commerce, and manager North Shore Credit Union

David Campbell, owner, Keir Jewelry


Bring on the Forum

I surprise even myself with the comments I'm about to make. I say, bring on the World Economic Forum! You see, I'm a dedicated anti-corporate, left wing, freedom to the underdog kind of thinker and I applaud the efforts of local columnist GD Maxwell and Van Powel in mobilizing the local body politique and knocking down the walls of staid local politics. Good on ya, I say.

My thoughts on the matter, however, crystalized when I considered carrying a petition around to gather signatures against the forum. All of the reasons stated against it: less business for Intrawest and village merchants, the inconvenience of not being able to get a cappuccino at any hour of the day, and the possible danger of cutting my finger on razor wire didn't wash with me. And most importantly, it all seemed rather hypocritical.