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But there’s a more disturbing aspect to the make up of the board. It is extremely unbalanced, representing a very narrow segment of society. With perhaps one exception, board members have been recruited exclusively from the ranks of the corporate, major business, and financial sectors. Is it any wonder there are fears that the main priority is cutting budgets, not improving patient care?

And with board members such as the president and CEO of BC Hot House Foods can privatization of ancillary services be far behind? It puts the lie to Gordon Campbell’s pre-election promise not to "do any kind of privatizing of health care."

Sandy Bauer


I really want to say a very special thanks to friends, family, the staff of the Great Wall Climbing Gym and a most gracious thanks to Bobby and Corrine Allison. Everyone has been so awesome and caring with putting together the fund-raiser at Dusty’s on March 27.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support. My heart and soul gives out much happiness and love to all of you. May peace and harmony be shared between us all.

Jim Martinello