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Whistler, say "No" to WEF!

Save yourselves a lot of effort for little outcome. We have just hosted the Commonwealth heads of government here in Queensland's Sunshine Coast (March 2-5). Are you ready to put up with 2,500 troops, 4,000 police, the constant unnerving drone of F-18 fighters overhead 24 hrs a day? You could call it an invasion not a conference. To top it off the Queen wouldn't even stop to meet the local children en route to Fortress Hyatt Coolum.

My advice: give ’em the big flick.

David Lalik

Expat in exile


Who's afraid of the big bad WEF?

This letter was addressed to mayor and council.

One gets the impression that a few of you don't want the WEF in Whistler. You don't see any advantage in holding it here; you say it's too out-of-scale and inconvenient for this place; you opine that Whistler is about recreation and the environment, not politics; you accuse the quaint berg of Davos of plotting to unload their brass monkey onto the backs of unsuspecting Whistlerites; you shout that the WEF is pro globalization and free trade and you're darned sure you're against that sort of thing; you're convinced the WEF is nothing but a schmooze-fest for a secret cabal of fat cats in spats smoking huge cigars while plotting the fate of the free world to their mutual and exclusive gain.

How very Canadian of you. Yours is a pure demonstration of self-entitlement over sacrifice and ignorance over savvy. Your fear is palpable and your sincerity unconvincing. Global political reality is at last reaching your Neverland and you are very afraid.

You've done alright by Whistler, haven't you? You're basically a rich carpenter, waiter, ski instructor or some other worthy thing ’cause you bought-in early and rode the real-estate wave. You get to ride the knarr, huck big air and crash the pow every day before or after work – or perhaps you don't even have to work. You have a smorgasbord of community services at your disposal the likes of which the world has never seen. You are so environmentally sensitive, aware and maybe even sustainable.

But I have to ask, because I'm curious, what good are you? I mean, what legacy will you leave when you're gone? Or do you even care? Do you ever think about the 99.99 per cent of other Canadians who didn't share your blind luck to be in the right place at the right time? Their reality, indeed the Canadian reality writ large, is to live with a declining birth rate, a shrinking dollar and ever-cheapening productivity, which, taken together means Canada is losing material wealth and international competitiveness at an extraordinary rate. Simple economic theory proves our loss is someone else's gain (a zero-sum gain/loss) so this all means that sooner or later someone is going to eat Canada's lunch – yours included. The more aware and less doped among you may realize this process has begun in earnest – for the rest here's a hint: think softwood lumber now, green-house vegetables, hydro-energy, natural gas and steel in the near future. You cling to tourism as your last, great hope, but forget that (wo)man cannot live by recreationalism alone.