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Craig Heighway

Vancouver, BC


I was sorry to read the criticisms of the booklet "Whistler. It’s our Nature." Disparagement and criticism are so easy.

I did learn from the booklet even though already absorbed in environmental issues, and it may well be that others will also learn and comply. No doubt the pamphlet was expensive in money and volunteer time, but the effort was worth it: a beginning, and incentive to others.

More power to the authors.

David Jones



As a taxi driver I am appalled at the level of violence and drunken hooliganism that has been escalating at an alarming rate during bar rush hour, and mainly in the taxi loop. Finally, an unprovoked attack on a driver has left me with concerns for our safety and well being. I am urging this council, RCMP, drinking establishments and the management of the taxi company to find a solution.

Olwen Kuiper



I have really had enough of this! Since last fall I was watching my two mail boxes twice a week getting stuffed with the Whistler Question.

When it first happened, I inquired at Canada Post about the reasons why. They answered, that The Question pays for it and they have to distribute the newspaper. If I did not like it, I should try the office of The Question. So I went and spoke with the editor. Basically with no results. They just told me to put my name on a sheet of paper and they’ll look into it. Nothing happened. This was last fall.

Since then, whenever I empty my mail boxes, I feel a growing anger. Canada Post is nice enough to respect my wish for no junk mail. Apparently they have no legislation against stuffing my box with a "community newspaper."

This is a free country. Why do I get a paper shoved in my face that I have no intention to read? Since I recycle, I actually have to take this thing with me and then discard it in my recycle box, which fills up much faster now. What a waste!

According to Canada Post there are lots of other locals that feel the same way about it and their waste basket in the mailbox room is overflowing with this newspaper. I have even seen some people just fling it to the floor (which only punishes the cleaning crew and not the real culprits!). Apparently Canada Post has sometimes difficulty getting all the mail for the people into the boxes, so they have to put holding cards into the box instead. Can we not all do something against it? If there are 1,000 people, requesting to NOT get this paper can you imagine how much less wasted paper there is?