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Whistler has been built into one of the top winter/summer resorts in the world over the last 20 or so years. Whistler as a winter resort is a world-class competitor and as a summer resort has grown to more than a respectable scale given its winter roots.

Over that period of time we have created our brand called "Whistler" to the world. When I visualize this brand I see the west coast of Canada, large trees, awesome mountains, fresh air, clean water, friendly warm people, and a safe exciting place. I see great food; healthy activities and opportunities to relax catch your breath and recharge your battery. There has always been something spiritual about the mountains, their sense of nature, the wild, you can be walking, skiing, biking or just breathing the wonderful fresh air. Our guests know Canada as one great country and Whistler as its crown jewel. This is the vision of Whistler we all helped to create.

Hosting this forum is against everything we have worked toward in building this dream called Whistler.

Stop and think of what we are and not about whom you can rub shoulders with. This event will fill this town with security issues and guns. Whistler does not want this event and we certainly don’t need it. The world does not need to see our town in this light as it will cause irreversible damage to the brand we spent well over 20 years building. If this is how you justify the conference centre renovation then we are well on the way to a massive community sell out for your Olympic dream. Perhaps it’s time for a change. It’s time you start listening, working toward employee housing, managing our infrastructure and sustainability. Leave the stage for world politics to a community who wants it and needs it. The people of this community know what we have here; we built it or we moved here to embrace it. Lets promote this resort on a world scale in a manner consistent with our brand. Don’t sell us out.

Scott Carrell



Hey Max, you’re getting maxed out.

I read your column in Pique Newsmagazine last week, wherein you vented your spleen against everyone from little-known Whistler council members to the prime minister of Canada. Let no man be spared the wrath of Max.

I must admit, there is food for thought about the convention-tail of Whistler wagging the ski-resort dog.

But if we want sustainability, that’s the way it’s gotta be, Buddy. Because if there is such a thing as "buildout" (and I don’t believe there is, as we’ll no doubt find out when the Bride of Sustainability Consultants submits its master plan) our New York and Salt Lake Olympic council junkies need ways to keep the coffers full to maintain the status quo.