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Linda McGaw



On the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 23 a Whistler woman was involved in a car accident just north of Brandywine. It was snowing, the roads were slippery and as she was travelling north her car was struck by a car heading south. Another vehicle travelling south came upon the accident and rolled into the ditch trying to avoid it. The local woman's car was a write-off but thankfully everyone involved in the accident, including the dogs in her car, were not seriously injured.

Describing the accident is not why I wrote this letter. I'm writing to let your readers know what happened immediately afterwards. With two cars and associated debris blocking the road, with one vehicle in the ditch, and with the vehicle's owners on the highway obviously in need of assistance or at least a "Hey, is everyone okay?" the line of cars heading south weaved through the accident scene and continued on their seemingly important quest of reaching Vancouver. This is troubling, but again, not the main reason for the letter.

Here's the reason. Included in this line of vehicles was a bus. This bus also attempted to weave its way through the damaged vehicles blocking the highway, but there was not enough room for it to pass. The bus driver backed up and tried again but could not make it through. The local woman's car, with her dogs still in the back, was blocking the bus’s path. Rather than offer assistance to the drivers involved in the accident or wait just a short time for emergency vehicles to arrive, here's what happened.

The bus driver drove towards the woman's car, struck it with the bumper of the bus and slowly pushed the damaged vehicle, dogs and all, off the highway and out of the bus’s path. This left a large scrape down the side of the vehicle. The bus then continued down the road towards Vancouver.

As you can imagine, the woman's shock from being in a car accident was only compounded as she stood by and watched this callous and incomprehensible act.

My parents, who were waiting a few cars back in the north bound lane, saw the bus come through. They said that the emergency vehicles were on the scene within minutes and traffic started moving a short time later.

Now, I don't want to preach about the decline of people's sense of community or offer some sociological explanation for this particular bus driver's actions. But I think we can all probably learn something from what happened. After reading this letter, I hope people draw their own conclusions, respond in their own way, and if nothing else people just take a minute and think about it.