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I am contacting you, along with others that have inquired about accommodations in our townhomes.

I attended the Property Owners and Managers Forum hosted by Tourism Whistler yesterday.

The representative from the Resort Municipality of Whistler spoke on the action that the municipality plans to take to shut down the illegal nightly property rentals that are being marketed in Whistler.

TA (Tourist Accommodation) properties are the ONLY units that can legally be rented for periods of less than 28 consecutive days.

The reason for this e-mail is to warn those that may rent non-TA accommodation, that it MAY not be available on their arrival.

I questioned the municipality's rep as to how they planned to handle illegal rentals that had already been booked and paid for.

The response I received was that it was the problem of the management company or owner as they had been warned and were aware of the B.C. Supreme Court ruling in favour of the municipality.

I am concerned, not for our own business as we are TA zoned, but for our visitors to Whistler that will be very upset with our resort if they find that their accommodation may have been shut down.

Many legal (TA) companies have been severely damaged by the competition from the illegals, who pay no resort fees and other costs associated with a legal and regulated business, and have put pressure on the municipality to enforce the law. This ruling is likely to go into effect in January and those of you who are coming to Whistler in January or later may be affected.

Please contact whoever you have chosen to book with and confirm that the accommodation you have chosen is TA zoned, and if it is not, insist that if it is not available on your arrival that they provide a legal TA zoned property as a substitute.

Please understand that this is being sent as my way of providing all guests with information that may help them enjoy the most wonderful winter resort in North America, or maybe, in the world.

Big! Big! Snow Year.

John Richmond