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I ask you, Mayor O'Reilly, what other options do I have with a vehicle in the middle of the night, on a neglected, unplowed street, with vehicles blocking my driveway, but to park unaccordingly? I'm not going to change jobs, buy a monster truck, or move to Cancun. I am wondering, however, about compassion and leniency in an otherwise impossible situation.

Leane Grant


This letter was addressed to Whistler council

Re: 2002 business licence fee increase of 37.5 per cent

As a small business owner in Whistler, I was absolutely stunned to receive my business licence renewal and find it was increased by 37.5 per cent, without notice or consultation.

Small business is the backbone of this community and should not be treated in such an arrogant and cavalier manner by council. This is, in my opinion, yet another example of council’s indifferent and callous attitude towards its "subjects."

After calling your offices to complain I was told that there has been no increase in many years and that council decided to bite the bullet, put up with the complaints and push the increase through. I was also told that there had been many angry calls regarding the increase, some of which were downright abusive.

The business community should not be expected to bear the burden of council’s incompetence in not reviewing business license costs on a more regular basis. If there must be an increase it should be phased in over a period of years, and then managed properly.

Please therefore take this as my formal request for a review of this massive percentage increase.

Gordon Hall


The "illegal nightly rental" owners, and property managers that market their properties, are going to be targeted and pursued by the municipality in January 2002.

The legal (TA zoned) owners and the management companies that handle legal properties are being ravaged by the illegals who pay no resort fees and the other costs associated with legal and regulated business.

I have been concerned that friends and business associates that have purchased legal TA properties and operate legal nightly operations are going to lose their accommodation as they are unable to compete with others that do not operate on a level playing field.

Following is an e-mail that I have sent to all parties that inquired as to the availability of our legal TA townhomes but did not book with us.