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Over the last few months there have been several letters to the editor questioning the value of the 2010 Olympic bid. Access to debate issues via the media is a freedom that we enjoy in our great nation. As Edmund Burke said in the 18 th century, "freedom without wisdom or responsibility is the greatest of all possible evils."

We are currently engaged in a process that will run its course, given that both the provincial and federal governments are committed financially. The process had a rocky start with a number of stakeholders perched up on a dais, telling Whistler why we need the Olympics. While I can understand how that would raise the hackles of many, we should not judge the process by its auspicious start. I have found those involved with the bid committee and many work groups to be very open to discussion of the issues.

Last Thursday the work group dealing with transportation within the resort during the Games held a fireside chat. I am afraid that I did not see any of the signatories of any of the letters to the editor at that meeting. Regardless of how we stand on the 2010 bid issue, we need to ensure that we are part of the process and we have a responsibility to become informed on the facts of the bid. There have been several fireside chats and the bid committee has an office in Whistler located beside the library. On Oct. 25, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce sponsored a meeting with members of the bid committee to explore the 10 most important issues facing businesses in Whistler.

You can keep up to date on bid information by visiting their Web site at and get your feedback to them through that site or by phone. You can find out what the RMOW has to say by visiting their Web site at and follow the links to their guiding principles on the bid. The site also contains contact information for mayor and council.

In the final analysis, it will be the International Olympic Committee who will determine through a polling process whether or not the citizens of the resort are on side with the bid. Let us make sure that when that call comes, we let the foundation of our answer be one that is formed through knowledge and not through fear of the unknown.

John Nadeau


To whomever at municipal hall is responsible for beautifying the village:

First, my sincere thanks for doing your best to make Whistler more appealing.

Second, my condolences for the kind of day you were having when you decided to spend taxpayers’ money for the coloured light display above the entrance to the village by the taxi loop. I feel like I’m about to enter a video arcade. Or is it "Planet Whistler?"

I look forward to your next good day when you decide to take it down, pack it up, and ship it back because you realize that a background of stunning natural scenery is really quite nice on its own.

Van Powel


I am writing this letter with the hopes of publicly acknowledging the Whistler Secondary Parents Advisory Council and the Community Schools grant program.

The PAC recently funded four Grade 12 students in attending the Counter Attack and Road Safety Association of British Columbia (CARS BC) conference at Silver Star Mountain. CARS BC seeks to minimize the number one killer of youth in British Columbia: car crashes.

Carleigh Woods, Kath Rybar, Penny Lloyd and Kathleen Duggan represented Whistler Secondary with class and have returned to our community motivated to establish a CARS team at the high school that will see educational and informative initiatives to help prevent the number one killer of youth. A hopeful initiative of the CARS team will be Whistler's first Dry Grad!

The Community Schools Grant program supported the two adult sponsors; Patti Walhovd, PAC representative and Greg McDonnell, Community Youth Outreach Worker.

One behalf of the students that attended the conference and the two adult sponsors, thanks again for supporting such a valued initiative.

Greg McDonnell

Community Youth Outreach Worker

Whistler Community Services Society

The Community Benefit Concert held at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler on Sunday, Dec. 9, was absolutely, positively a successful community event.

Special thanks go out to the Fairmont Chateau, the many sponsors who donated food and advertising, the music teachers, Janet McDonald from the Whistler Food Bank, and to everyone who attended.

To all you performers, you should be proud of yourselves. You made a lot of people happy with your gift of music, comedy and dancing. Thanks to you, there are people in our community who will have enough food during the holidays. We worked well as a whole community team.

Thanks again, and have a happy holidays.

Jana Dupuis


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